S/Y Mirasol – B&G

S/Y Mirasol – B&G
Mirasol B&G

Solution 1: « Elephant » shape

Elephant shape
Boom at 23°

With this solution, the boom cannot go over 23° on port side. It’s not enough so we can cancel it.

Solution 2: « Spider » shape

Spider shape

With this solution, the boom can go wherever it wants. On this design, the boom is at 42°.

  • Easy to put the cables inside de shape, but still an issue to fix it on the mast.
  • Make new holes for the screws can fragilise the structure of the mast (Southern Spares ?)
  • And glue directly can be dangerous if an accident happens on the mast.

Solution 3: « Spider » shape fixed on the steps’ holes

The idea is to use the screws of the steps of the mast, this way we don’t need to do anything on the mast, and if something happens, only the support will break (like a fuse for example), and thus, will prevent any damage on the mast.

For the design, and shape we can do anything, this one is an exemple.